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Published on March 28th, 2010

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JavaScript is changing the way we build apps today. It has become one of the leading languages on the web, and despite its many criticisms from lots of developers, it still retains to be a unique and provenly¬†sophisticated¬†language. Pulling old code out of the closet isn’t something I normally do, but in this case I thought it would be fun to look at a project I undertook years ago with JavaScript.

Sometime around 2003 I started on an open source project called jmorph. This was about the same time jQuery, YUI and some of the other big JavaScript libs where starting to take off. Much like those projects I needed a packaged library that would perform advanced UI and common utilites in a heavy implemented Javascript interface. At the time there wasn’t really a whole lot to work with. Most apps would string together random scripts and practically glue them together. So, I went on an endeavour to create a library that would help me reuse all the Javascript I was writing and constructed the Jmorph library.

Of course libs like jQuery pretty much rule the landscape these days, but as I look back at what I made and the challenges I overcame back then, it was pretty cool to see I wasn’t to far off track. I went ahead and drug it back out of the closet for the world to use. The main reason for bringing it back again was for educational purposes. The library doesn’t have near the capabilities of jQuery but I figured someone could benefit from it’s layout and structure and it’s use of JavaScript namespaces.

Currently I have an article on the that references the project. To check out the article ‘Starting a basic Javascript SDK‘  the project is hosted on Check out the link below to get a full wrap up of the code base.

Jmorph Project