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Published on February 19th, 2012

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Tired of repeating repetitive tasks over and over again?   True workflow automation asks the question “Have I done this before?”  If the answer is “yes,” then learn to start thinking DRY!

This simple acronym is important when building a business of any size.  It stands for “Don’t Repeat Yourself.” With this concept, I would like to share with you a tool that I have been using to help with online automation.

Online Automaton

In this video we will cover various scenarios for using iMacros in online automation.

Getting Started

  1. Download iMacros, FireFox, Chrome, Internet Explorer
  2. Record and Playback Your First Script
  3. Watch and Read more Tutorials

Social Bookmarking Macro

Below is the code for automating your social bookmarking.  To run this script, follow these steps.

  1. Save the Social-Auto iMacros Script to the path below and rename to iim:


  1. Save the Social-Auto iMacros Datasource File to the location below:


  1. Open the csv file and edit the values
  2. Be sure you have accounts created with each site
  3. Run the iMacros Script when complete

Now just continue to record and edit and you’ll have an entire automation system written within a few hours.

What do you think?

23 thoughts on “Automate Your Efforts with iMacros”

    1. Hey Ramy,

      That is a cool scenario, never thought about that type of implementation. If you run into any snags let me know I might be able to give you a hand…


      1. Hello Cory,
        Someone told me this amazing tool last week and i tried Imacros, but it’s pity that i can’t figure out how it could run to fulfill my demand (about image uploading and attaining the urls in bulk)
        Could you do me a favor?
        Welcome to drop me a mail.
        Thanks in advance.

        1. Hey Melody,

          Actually I’m really not a pro with imacros just know the basic commands… I might be able to help a little bit feel free to shoot me an email and I’ll see what I know or don’t know :)

  1. Wow great stuff! I was wondering if you have the iMacros iim file for the Duplicator?
    I build hundreds of client sites per month and have been using just basic macros to load everything to my hostgator c-panel. This will save so much time for me.
    You Rock Cory!

    1. Hey Cory…

      Just shoot me an email and I’ll hook you up.

      BTW Love your name!! :)

      1. iMacros iim file for the Duplicator? can i get a copy, cheers, I am proficiant with Imacros, so will be able to edit, “but as its all about saving time, so im trying to get on top of instal wordpress locally, but see the value of this script.

        cheers, lee

        1. Hey Lee,

          I’ll send you the one I use if you want. Go ahead and create a support ticket at, if I leave my email in the comments then the internet gremlins will eat it up :)


  2. Great stuff. I also run iMacro, but not very deep like this. ;)

    I create cron job on one of my WP site and run script to execute stuff, so I can shut down my computer for the night. However, it’s using my server’s IP and don’t look like a human interaction. ;)

    thanks for sharing.

  3. Holy Tacos Batman!

    damned good vid…first one I saw that is understandeable. u do some quality stuff dog.

    gonna dl them 3 bookmarks and build from there.


  4. Very nice tutorial. Thanks for sharing it. I think everyone should use this stuff to automate tasks. It helps to save time. As we know time is the most important thing in life, we can’t get it back. Personally I was using imacros script to automate my addmefast account. Here is tutorial how to do that.

  5. Hey!

    I’m pretty new to imacros and i gotta say this tutorial was so simple and easy to follow. I went along with your instructions with some mods on my side and nailed it on my first try. Can I say THANK YOU!! :)

  6. I want to download files in multi tabs automatically, will it work?

    I open n times of tab, which has only one file to download in each tab with same Id, in some case there wont be any download options i need to skip it. can anyone help me with imacros code.

    1. Hey Rajkumar,

      I’m not 100% sure how to do that one. I would check with the imacros forums, there are some gurus over there who can probably get you the code really quick…


  7. veerachari balaji

    Dear Cory Lamle,

    I am trying to create a macro for automated web form filling, but iam not successful, please guide/suggest how to work with imacros in chrome.
    thanks in advance.

    1. Hi Veerachari,

      I would check out the imacros demo folder they have allot of samples to try from… Hope that helps!

  8. Imacros is so powerful, each time i have to make small automatization process for SEO purposes and others web stuff… this is so perfect :) I tried to learn Ubot without success..

  9. hi sir, i have installed the imacros on chrome and tried to work it with bitcoin faucet but i doesnt work because as you know each that period duration time to claim satoshis the captcha changes and it does not work, do you have any solution about this ?

  10. pls help me sir. Whenever i try using imacros, it doesnt run and tell me always that there is a problem with a line of my code. I downloaded this codes and the programmers assured me that the are working fine. Other poeple also use the scripts and give testimonies but mine doesnt work. I particularly need an imacros script to automate google plus adder. Can you help me pls

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