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Learn C# in 30 Minutes

In this video we’ll learn about the C# programming language. We are going to get you setup and running on your local computer so you can follow along. Whether you brand new or just need a quick refresher this roughly 30 minute course is designed to expose you to the fundamentals of C#.

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Have You Gone Virtual Yet?

Have you ever installed trial software and wished you had another month to play with it?  Have you ever noticed the more software you install the slower your machine gets even after you remove it?  Have you ever wished you could just install a piece of software just to see if it is what you want and not have to worry about it crashing your machine? Well, these problems and many more can be solved when you go virtual.

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Spice Up Your DOS Life?

Working across the different Operating Systems you realize that you always wish you had tools that the other OS had. In Linux the shell is just plain awesome. In windows they have made some improvements with the PowerShell, but still young compared to shells like BASH. If you work with the plain old DOS command line you realize how super week it is compared to the BASH shell.

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Auto-login With Secure Shell

Tired of typing in the user name and password every time you ssh to a new box? Follow the directions below to get around that issue. This is a quick “How to” on setting up ssh keys. It is by no means an in-depth view of setting up keys, but it will give a quick run down on how to get them going just incase you forget…

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Overview JavaScript is changing the way we build apps today. It has become one of the leading languages on the web, and despite its many criticisms from lots of developers, it still retains to be a unique and provenly sophisticated language. Pulling old code out of the closet isn’t something I normally do, but in this case

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